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Superficial & Medium Depth Chemical Peels

The elite chemical peel course you will be able to Perform simple to advanced chemical peels. In addition to superficial ‘lunchtime’ peels, you’ll also learn how to confidently tackle darker skin types, use a wide range of peeling agents for different indications and use TCA peels to a medium-depth.

This one-day course provides you with the essential online knowledge and hands-on practice you need to immediately introduce Chemical Peels to your clinic.

This Chemical Peels course has been created for medical professionals and beauty therapists who would like to offer solutions that can help build trust with your patients.

Who Is This Course For those looking to develop your skills into advanced facial aesthetics?

We train delegates on combining Chemical peels AHA BHA &TCA ((Beauty therapists will need to check with their insurance providers what chemical peel strengths they are covered to use.)

The following professional groups are approved for entry onto this course:




Beauty Therapists level 3+

Trainees will able to provide both superficial / medium depth chemical peel treatment

Learning Objectives

Trainees will have a clear understanding

  • The history of Chemical peels
  • Treatment indications
  • Contraindications
  • Chemical peel characterisation
  • Correct peel selection
  • Knowledge of the acids and their properties
  • Consultation & Prep pre-treatment
  • Performing a Chemical Peel Procedure
  • After care / post procedure
  • Management of complications

Course Content

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